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Our unique Creativity and Empowerment Coaching offers you an opportunity to design a life and business filled with abundance, innovation and purpose.  Committed Living equals Women's Empowerment, as it's an innovative way to discover and embrace your courage and creative intuition leading to a better more powerful version of you. Choose to be creative, it's in your destiny!
WE are Creatives.  Our services include:

Individual creativity, creative business planning, and

Workshops for women business owners, entrepreneurs, women's groups,
individual women who want to discover and rekindle their creativity.

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Is your inner critic sabotaging you from the success you desire and being able to follow through with your goals?
Is your sales team in a slump?

Are you sick and tired of the doubt and fear that continues to stop you in your tracks?  Going through 
THE SABOTUER~MUSE PROJECT™can change all of that once and for all!   This is a new refreshing way of finally finding out why you don't follow through or reach your goals and dreams.
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Looking for a BETTER way to live your life & expand your business?

Need new solutions in your business?
Feeling stuck?

THE CREATIVE BUSINESS PLANING  is a fabulous way to work together as a creative mastermind team, working together towards clarity, creativity and a real plan of action to take your business to the next level of success.  This workshop is for entrepreneurs, business owners, and corporate management groups. 

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Accelerate your creative genius. 
workshops, on-line classes now available.

Full day Creative Sabbatical and our NEW  FULL  IMMERSION CREATIVITY RETREATS FOR WOMEN. Attend a retreat and become energized and renewed.  

Ladies NIGHT OUT - join us for a CORK-N-CANVAS PARTY!
A  fun evening with girlfriends where you'll  paint and party.  We supply the canvas, paints, instruction, and snacks You supply you favorite  libation(i.e. wine or beverage of your choice)!   If you want us to provide a private Ladies Night Out Cork N Canvas Party let us know - we can arrange just about anything for our creative lady friends!

Live a life of  of  creative  self-expression AND committed living.

CONTACT us today for personal creative coaching, workshops and total immersion creativity retreats.
"Creativity represents a miraculous coming together of the uninhibited energy of the child with its apparent opposite and enemy, the sense of order imposed on the disciplined adult intelligence." 
                                                    Albert Einstein

(too many to list them all)

Become an Empowered Woman

Brings Balance in your life

Happier, healthier lifestyle

It's energizing

Sense of freedom and well being

Ends the status quo of just going through the motions

Enables clearer thinking

Offers more choices

Expands your Intuitive abilities

Provides connection to innovative ideas

Easily and quickly find solutions to problems
Inspires the "can do" attitude

Makes process of change easier

Develops your potential

Learn to "Think outside of the Box"

Brings out the best version of you

It's fun and self-motivating

Creates an environment of healthy expectation

Happier employees

Happier you

Discover innovating ways to use existing resources

Recognized by customers as  market leader

Increased profits

Develops the best version of your business

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