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  Our Mission is to assist women in the journey of re-discovering their creative soul,  enabling them to experience and embrace the freedom that comes from being fully engaged and committed to living lives of abundance and personal empowerment.  

About Us:  We are the demonstration of creative committed living and this delicious way of self-nurturance and divine self-expression


Darla Anderson, Creativity and Women's Empowerment Specialist, is a master certified creativity coach, certified NLP trainer and Intuitive Life Coach, is  a self-taught artist, designer, creative solutions expert,  entrepreneur, mother and a loyal friend.   She is driven by an incredible passion for sharing her enthusiasm for the freedom of self-expression through her art, creative "living & thinking" and real estate re-design.


As a daughter of an artist and a custom home builder, Darla spent much of her early years being encouraged by her parents to explore and be creative.  Years of artistic and intuitive expression made it clear that Darla's life would be centered upon her passion for freedom of self-expression through creativity, art and transformation.

When she first entered the work force, Darla and her employers soon discovered that she had a talent for finances and administration, her focus became traditional "business as usual" and so her creativity was put on hold.  Over 20 successful years in the corporate and government sectors, Darla was driven by the relentless internal desire to have the freedom of self-expression.  Not until Darla discovered a SECRET that enabled her to infuse creativity throughout her entire life that she became committed and  fully engaged in living her life.  She choose to make the move to being the creative entrepreneur that was at her core.  Darla  became a successful  business woman in  Real Estate investing and, and fine tuned the "art" of creative property management.  She appeared on the "Oprah" Show with best selling author of  "Rich, Dad, Poor, Dad", Robert Kiyosaki for her achievements in real estate and finances.  Darla continues to follow her creative path and offers retreats and workshops in Transformation, Creativity as a Lifestyle, Women's Empowerment and Right-Mind Aerobics.

Darla currently lives in beautiful Ashland, Oregon .

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Creator and Founder, Committed Living™
Creator and -founder, Rogue Moxiestm (a Women's Business Network )
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Meridian Kristi, Creative Transitional Coach / Designer

Meridian lives her life inspired by love and beauty, willing to take the next courageous and sometimes outrageous step!   Like many of her clients, Meridian had to reopen the creative flow after years spent in a career that seemingly required a different type of focus, and at the end of the day, left little energy for creative pursuits.  Moving beyond what she had previously mastered, Meridian now lives a life of creative freedom helping others to discover the intersection between the life they’ve been living and their creativity, courage and destiny.  Her work as a coach supports her clients in their business development and success as well as profound increased personal fulfillment. 

Her romantic soul and passion for creating beauty and flow has made her an alchemist of home and office from the San Francisco Bay Area to Ashland, OR and since 2009, in Sarasota, FL. Committed to creating happy, empowered work environments, passionate for color and beauty, and deeply attuned to the energetic, intuitive and aesthetic aspects of what allows hearts and space to work in harmony, Meridian inspires her clients to live courageously with what they love and to allow their inner beauty to express and inform all aspects of life.  “When aligned to Love, we live in integrity.  In our integrity we are free and creative.”


Meridian is a mother, friend, co-creator, partner, writer, designer, and committed to living the life she loves full-out!  She is a certified creativity coach and co-creator in Committed Living, and a trained spiritual practitioner.  She’s certified in home staging, redesign, and color consulting, and she holds a master’s degree in health services administration and a bachelor’s degree in holistic health.


       Angie Renick-Hayes lives by the old adage "The proof's in the pudding".  Her passion to help others live creatively comes from her own story of personal transformation.  Angie and her husband, Jake, beautifully transformed their once hopeless marriage, left a stressful business to commit to  a life of birthing and raising their children at home together, created financial freedom and healed disease all through her extensive knowledge and application of energetic movement.

Angie began her official studies of human kind through cultural anthropology at the University of Guanajuato, Mexico.  She finished her academic studies at the University of Arizona.  Her love and appreciation for the spirit of life continued with her work as a Doula (companion for birthing women).  Her creative and wild approach to living passionately has inspired  hundreds of women to break free from old patterns and seek their own unique passions.

She has competed a renowned program of energy work in California.  She currently lives on her dream land in Talent, Oregon with her husband Jake, their three spectacular children, a coop of silly chickens, one curious cat, and a fluffy dog, Carob. 

Angie is our "Creative Movement Meditations" leader and Women's empowerment specialist.

Co-Creator: Rogue Moxiestm (a Women's Business Network Group)    

Chef Neil Clooney
Neil Clooney is an English expat who now calls Ashland, Oregon “home”.

Having completed an extensive culinary apprenticeship in the UK, Neil went to work on the prestigious cruise liner, the QE2 (Queen Elizabeth 2). After two years of traveling around the globe experimenting with exotic ingredients and learning different cuisines, Neil returned to London where he worked at the Goring Hotel and then on to Ransome’s Dock, where he met his business partner, Dee.

Neil and Dee’s culinary path led them to the US in 2002, where  in January of 2011 they opened their newest creation the Smithfields Restaurant and Bar

Neil has earned several accolades in Oregon, notably winner of the Ashland Food and Wine Classic in 2007 and 2008, winner of the Bite of Oregon’s Iron Chef in 2008 and 2009, and winner of the Oregon Chocolate Festival in 2009.

Using the inspiration from their competition-winning dishes, Neil and Dee are now embarking on there next culinary chapter, First Place Food.

Neil and Dee are our Culinary Creativity Team for our Committed Living Retreats.


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