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Getting Back to Basics

Remembering who you are at the core. (Creative/Intuitive)

Have you ever thought any of the following? 

I'm not creative                                                                                  

I don't have a creative bone in my body

I'm only creative in strategic problem solving

I can't paint or draw                                            

I don't care if I' m not an artist

I don't want to embarrass myself by attempting to draw

What does painting, drawing, creative writing etc. have to do with my business, my success, my happiness?

Creativity coaching is for artists and people who are already creative but not me.

I know I'm creative, but I  feel stuck and could use a creativity boost.

If you answered  "yes" to any one of these statements above then Committed Living Creativity Coaching is for you.  We are here to assist and encourage you on the safe, simple journey of rekindling and discovering  the creativity inside of you.  Enabling you to experience the benefits of being able to tap into your creative, innovative mind when ever you want or need it.  You will discover that being creative adds a breath of fresh air into your life with limitless possibilities and new found energy.

RIGHT MIND AEROBICS:  We know the importance of exercising our bodies, and we all have learned the importance of being able to think strategically and analogically.  But until recently the idea of the importance of exercising the creative side of our brains has been ignored and even discouraged as being a waste of time.   RIGHT-MIND-Aerobics we teach you how to exercise the right side of your brain to get your creative/innovation brain cells moving again.  Each exercise builds upon the other and just like physical exercise, the right mind exercises are specifically designed to strengthen and improve your creative, innovative and intuitive abilities.

Tools We Use:     Abstract Painting, Drawing, Sculpting, Creative Collage, Creative Life Scripting & writing, Story Boards, Team Creative Thinking Exercises, Visualization Meditations, Creative Movement- Empowerment techniques,  Intuitive Clearing Exercises,  Group Paintings, Games, Environment Spaces, Cultural Arts Experience, Creative Cuisine and more fun Right Brain activities.

  Women's Committed Living FULL IMMERSION CREATIVITY Retreats

Module's: C2L formula
                     Creativity:         Unleashing the Creative Intuitive you 

                     Culture:             Embrace, experience and appreciate the
                                                 performing & fine arts       
                     Courage:           Taming your Saboteur
                                                 Encouraging your Muse

                     Cuisine:             Create, Taste & Enjoy regional Cuisine

                     Moving:             Creative Movement Meditation & Exercise

                     Environment:   Feel the effects of our surroundings on                                                                               Creative/Committed Living
10  things you can do to boost your Creativity

1.  Get Culturized - Get Inspired.  Listening to Classical music by the masters, Bach, Mozart, and others, has been proven to stimulate the right side of your brain.  Visit an art museum or art gallery, seeing what artists are able to do to a blank piece of paper is amazing and nothing short of miraculous. Go to your community "Art Walk" events - a great place to meet creative people.

2.  Doodle.  With nothing in mind draw lines, circles, squiggles, etc. on whatever paper you can get your hands on.  Better yet, get yourself a doodle pad, use it only for doodles.  Once you fill up your doodle pad, the right side of your brain will have exercised the equivalent of 2 + years of creative learning in public schooling.

3.  Always carry a small (unlined preferred) notebook and a pen or pencil around with you. That way, if you are struck by an idea, you can quickly note it down. Or better yet, draw it down.  When you review your notebook, you may discover about 90% of your ideas really not all that great. Don't worry, that's normal. What's important are the 10% that are brilliant.

4.  Try creative writing, if you're stuck for an idea, open a dictionary, randomly select a word and then try to formulate ideas incorporating this word. You'd be surprised how well this works. The concept is based on a simple but little known truth: trying to be original inhibits creativity.  There is nothing like a little restriction or using something that already exists to get you thinking.

5.  Take a NEWS fast.  No news is good news.  Take it one step farther.   Try not watching any TV for a year and you will find it to be one of the most productive years in your life.

6.  Experiment in the kitchen with new recipes or better yet make up your own recipe, (your family will still love you if it doesn't turn out to be a culinary winner).  Try a new ethnic restaurant that you haven't tried before.  Our taste buds need to be stimulated with new tastes too.

7.  Rearrange the furniture in your home or office.  Not only will you practice looking for new solutions by rearranging,  but it can give you a fresh perspective on the space that surrounds you.

8.  Exercise your "right side" brain.  Brains, like bodies, need exercise to keep fit.  If you don't exercise your brain, it will get flabby and inefficient.   Exercise the right side of your brain by writing with your left hand, thinking about how to design an object differently, talking to clever  upbeat people, play improv with your friends, make a habit of doing 1 - 7 above. 

9.  Attitude.  Practice keeping a positive attitude.  People who are consistently creative are more likely to have a positive outlook on life and vice versa.


10.  Be Quiet.  Increase your intuition. Still your mind, notice your breathing without any thoughts quiets the critical thinking side of your brain, allowing the space and freedom for your creative soul and intuition to emerge.

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